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Monday, June 22, 2015

BEAUTY: Nanokeratin Systems Befri Brush Review

I've been trying to grow my hair for god knows how long now and thankfully it is finally growing.  I tend to stay away from all kinds of heat as I rarely blowdry or straighten my hair and I use Moroccan Oil religiously on it to keep it in the best condition possible.   But my hair is really really weak and gets tangled incredibly easily and so is an absolute pain to brush through! Tangle Teezer is my brush of choice at the moment and it does do a really great job but I still find that it pulls on my hair and so it falls out.  When Nanokeratin Systems got in touch about testing their new Befri Brush* I was more than up for it!

The Befri Brush*At last – a Next Generation professional brush that brings immediate hair relief. BeFri Brush, based on revolutionary patented technology, features a unique Kinematic structure with eight free-moving arms that glide through your hair and smooth it out. Indulge in wonderfully gentle yet effective brushing that actually conditions and strengthens your hair, leaving it healthy, shiny and full of body. So stop pulling at your hair and start pampering it. With BeFri Brush.

I really love the idea of this brush although it is rather odd with the moving arms, it's unlike anything I've ever used before.  You are directed to hold the brush in a vertical manner and gently brush from the roots downwards and then hold the brush in a horizontal manner and brush the entire head again.  Due to the kinematic free moving arms and the anti-static bristles, the brush literally glides through your hair and doesn't pull at all which is just perfect for me! You can also use this brush for blowdrying your hair as the vents ensure that the hot air circulates around the roots and therefore dries your hair quicker.

I've been using this brush every day since I received it and I can really see and feel a difference in my hair, it's now so much smoother and sleeker.  It's made brushing my hair so much easier as it doesn't pull but simply detangles and there hasn't been much fall out either which I'm super happy about.  If you have similar hair problems to me then I would highly recommend this product as I can really see the difference that it has made already, it just takes abit of getting used to with the moving arms!

You can buy the Befri Brush from the Nanokeratin Systems website here.

Have you tried the Befri Brush? What do you think of this product?


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