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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Sunday Post: #boldisbeautiful

Hi guys! Another week is over, I know it was only a 4 day week but it really seemed to drag, did you find that too?  Thank god it's the weekend and I actually had some time to myself as I'm off from work for this weekend. 

Last week I headed to Benefit to take part in their amazing campaign #boldisbeautiful that is running throughout the month of May.  100% of the profits from a brow wax goes towards  their charity and you get a free full sized Gimme Brow in return.  The wax costs £12.50 and the Gimme Brow itself costs £18.50 so it's a really great deal! Make sure you head down to your closest Benefit counter before the end of the month.

It's been Week 2 of my 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge and I've already seen some great results in my first week, a 4lb loss and 4.5 inches off! I actually have a dress that I've got ready for my holiday in June which I tried on before I started this challenge and it didn't zip up, I was devastated! When I bought it it fitted perfectly so for it not to fit now it made me feel horrendous.  But yesterday I tried it on again and it zipped up! I was over the moon that only one week into my 12 week challenge that my body would change so the dress would fit me.  It's now made me more motivated for the rest of the challenge to see how far I can go.  As mentioned in last weeks post I'm not using this as a diet or to lose an obscene amount of weight but more to just tone up and be healthy.

On Thursday of this week Mum and I are off to London for a couple of days!  We are off to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A and I am so so so excited to see his work up close.  We have a couple of plans already but if you have any suggestions about where we can go/ where to eat etc then I would be very very grateful!

I hope you guys have had a good week, let me know what you've been up to!


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