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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

BEAUTY: Halo Wipes Review

I used to religiously use face wipes but that was a time before blogging and now I'm not a major user of  them but I do like to have a packet to hand just in case.  I recently received these Halo Wipes* at the #NWBloggersmeetup and thought why not give them a go.  The one thing that I really don't like about face wipes is that they sting my eyes when removing eye makeup but these face wipes were very gentle and didn't sting at all.  The wipes removed all of my makeup in no time and I was left feeling cleansed and refreshed.  The wipes are fragrance free which I love as I really hate the smell of normal face wipes.  My face didn't sting at all when using these or feel dry as they are designed especially for sensitive skin.

Personally I think face wipes are a must have in your skincare collection, not for regular usage but when you're in a lazy mood or are at a festival then they are perfect.  I would highly recommend the Halo Wipes if you want fragrance free and wipes that won't sting or dry out your face.

Do you use face wipes?


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