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Friday, May 22, 2015

4 Backgrounds for Blog Photos

I have to admit I love good blog photography, it's what draws me into reading a blog and then returning to said blog.  I'm always trying to improve my photography (like everyone right?) and I love adding variety to my blog photos and have got a few fail safe options for backgrounds to make the products really stand out.  

1. Magazines

I always have fashion magazines lying around and love either using pages from them (like below) or the magazine as a whole depending on the product.

2.  Fashion/Beauty Images

Fashion/beauty images are a great way to compliment your shot.  Some people might say that it can look a little busy but personally I love them and love how bright and colourful the shots can look.

3. Wallpapers

I headed to B&Q and picked up some wallpaper samples to use.  They are free and there is so much variety there.  I've picked up a couple now but this silver spotty on white paper is my favourite to use as the pattern is so subtle but adds something a little different than a simple white background.

4. All white.

All white is a blogger favourite and is probably the most popular as everyone loves those clean crisp images.  I don't tend to use it but do like it depending on what item I'm shooting, like above when the products are quite big and have a colour scheme I think a white background looks perfect.

I hope this post has given you a little inspiration for different backgrounds to use for your photos.  I'd love to know what do you use for your backgrounds for blog photos? What are your favourites?


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