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Friday, April 17, 2015

TRAVEL: Mount Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand

On our Kiwi Experience bus the last stop on the North Island was Wellington.  We had a day to spend there and didn't have anything planned already so we decided to go for a walk up Mount Victoria.  Mount Victoria rises 196m above the city and takes about 30/40 minutes to walk up (obviously depending on fitness), you can also drive up there or take a bus. At the top we headed to the lookout and were met with the most amazing panoramic views of the city of Wellington, the harbour and beyond.  We were lucky and had a really clear day so the views were incredible.

If you ever take a trip to Wellington, New Zealand then I highly recommend a walk up to Mount Victoria as the views are just beautiful, next time I go, I'd love to see the sunset/sunrise from up there.

Have you ever been to Wellington, New Zealand?


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