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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Sunday Post: Currently #2

Watching: Pretty Little Liars, I'm obsessed! I'm fully aware that I'm really late onto the bandwagon when watching it but I'm flying through the first series and it's just as good as everyone says it is!

Excited for: London! I'm heading to the capital in a couple of weeks for the Alexander McQueen exhibition and it cannot come quick enough.  I love visiting London and I've heard amazing things about the exhibition so I'm pretty excited.

Dreaming of: Holidays! I miss being abroad and visiting new countries. My next holiday is around Europe and heading up to Russia which I'm rather excited about.  Still a long way away though.

Exercising: I'm still loving my glowfit classes, I go every week and it's such a great hour of upbeat high intensity cardio.  I attend bootcamp classes a couple of times a week but I do miss doing solid cardio so this class is great!

Wearing: Stan Smiths, literally can not get enough and they are never off my feet.  I never thought I would love them and get as much wear out of them as I have.  Best purchase ever.

Drinking: I mentioned in last weeks post how much I've been making my Very Berry Smoothie, it's super yummy and I feel pretty healthy after drinking it plus it really fills me up!

Eating: I've been eating soooo badly this week, lots of chocolate and cake, it's been awful! I desperately need to get back onto my healthy eating pronto cos all that chocolate will not give me abs.

What are you currently...?


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