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Friday, April 03, 2015

25 Instagram Post Ideas

Instagram is beyond popular now and is the perfect platform for extending your blog.  It's amazing for looking and also creating inspiration too.  I try to keep a steady flow of posts on instagram by posting daily and numerous times throughout the day as I find that keeps and builds a reliable audience.  I tend to post a variety of photos as I like to mix it up and I'm not tied down to one genre and so my feed doesn't get boring.  Now I'm by no means an expert on instagram but I do really enjoy it so thought I'd round up a couple of ideas of what you can post if you're struggling!

1. Outfit of the day.
2. From where I stand.
3. Face of the day.
3. Current nail polish.
4. Your collection of something (lipsticks/shoes/hats etc)
5. Recent makeup you've been wearing.
6. Your makeup brushes.
8. Hair inspiration.
9. Makeup storage.
10. An item you like in a shop.
12. Flat lay of your outfit.

13. What you're drinking (coffee/cocktail)
14. Screenshot of your latest blog post.
15. Food shot.
16. Photo from your daily life.
17. Throwback Thursday shot.
18. Your recent purchases.
19. Beauty essentials.
20. Home interiors.
21. Selfie.
22. Holiday photos.
23. Currently reading.
24. Your workspace.
25. Flowers.

I hope that's given you a couple of ideas! What are your favourite posts to see on instagram? Don't forget you can follow me @hellotasha18 


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