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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Sunday Post: A Bit Of A Catchup

Not a lot to report on this week, it was my first week back at work after a week off. To be honest I wasn't looking forward to it too much as my job moves very quickly and a week off feels like a lifetime but it wasn't too bad and wasn't as manic as I was thinking it would be.  

In other news I bought a new car! I actually bought it the other week before my birthday but didn't want to put it on any social media in case my friend who I work with saw it and I wanted to surprise her! It's a Fiat 500 in mint green and it's the most beautiful car ever! I loved my old car but it was time for abit of a swap.  The Fiat is so much smoother to drive and I just love it.
I've been loving wearing my new jumper from Mango, it's just abit of fun with the 'bloggers do it better' hashtag but I got so many compliments when I wore it.

I've had this weekend off so it's been spent watching Netflix and scheduling blog posts.  I also try to have a lot of variety in my posts so I have beauty, fashion and lifetsyle all mixed in but I do miss having a pure fashion blog like I used to.  I've managed to take a couple of photos of my latest outfits but you know when you just don't feel too happy with them.  I love the outfits, I just don't like the way I look in a couple of them.  I attend my bootcamp sessions (although I have missed a few) and I did use to eat healthily but I know that this has taken abit of a backburner and it has started to show.  I just need to cut out the biscuits (my fave!) and other foods and get right back into my bootcamp sessions and hopefully get myself back into a position where I feel comfortable in outfit shots again.

Also how is March nearly over already? This year is going far too quickly!!


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