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Friday, March 20, 2015

EVENT: #LLRaceNight

Last week I was invited along to the #LLRaceNight event with Ladbrokes by the lovely Carrie Rose.  It was held upstairs in a private area in Revs at Deansgate Manchester with free drinks galore (unfortunately I was driving boo!) and lots of yummy food including pizza, chicken bits and sweet potato wedges.  

We were left to chat amongst ourselves and it was lovely to catch up with Frances Cassandra again and meet her boyfriend and lots of new bloggers.  I'm always really interested to hear why people started blogging or what they blog about as everyone's story is always so different.  We were also invited to take part in a competition by taking our #RaceFace selfies with the Ladbrokes sign, see mine over on twitter @hellotasha18!

After enjoying our food and drinks we then moved downstairs in groups to The Lounge where a DVD game of Race Night was set up.

I'd never played Race Night before but it was extremely fun! Basically  you bid on your horses as normal and then watch the race and whoever wins the race wins all the tokens for that round.  We played 4 rounds in total and it was incredibly fun cheering on our horses (Go Lord Voldemort! - yep he was one of my horses, the Harry Potter geek in me came out!) At the end of evening the person with the most amount of tokens won a trip to Aintree Races - what an amazing prize! Sadly I didn't win any of the big prizes but it was such a fun game and I'd love to play it again!

The whole night was filmed including our reactions to the Race Night game in a Goggle Box style which was rather exciting! When playing the game I was fully mic'd up so my entire reaction was caught on tape, to be honest I'm not too looking forward to seeing the video as I completely forgot the cameras were rolling and I got proper into the game! Will be funny to watch it I guess though however embarrassing it may be.

We received a little goodie bag at the end of the night which included a cupcake (mine got squashed on the way home so had to eat it before I could get a photo but it was delish!) and this cute racing themed bracelet! 

Thanks again to Carrie and Ladbrokes for inviting me, I really enjoyed the night!


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