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Monday, February 09, 2015

What's In My Bag? New Bag Edition

I love having a nosey into peoples bags and I love putting the posts together myself so when I received a new bag for Christmas (see more in this post ) I knew I had to do a What's In My Bag? New Bag Edition.  Let's have a look...

I always carry around a diary so I can keep track of what I'm doing and when I'm working etc and this little one from Paperchase is perfect as it's such a good size.  My purse is the same one I've used since Australia but fits all my cards in so it's great.  If you live in the UK then you will know how rubbish our weather is so I always make sure I have a little umbrella packed in, this one is really lightweight and tiny.  Gloves are really necessary at the moment as it is so freezing! These burgundy ones are from Urban Outfitters and have fleece inside them so they are super super warm.  I've really started wearing glasses for driving and watching tv and I never know when else I'll need them so I always make sure that I carry my glasses with me.  Beauty wise, I throw in my backcombing brush to give a bit of oomph to my hair every so often, my powder which also doubles up as a compact mirror, a lip balm, my one at the moment is Nivea Fruit Shine in Watermelon and whatever lip products I'm using at the time, usually it's MAC Brave and Rimmel Lip Liner East End Snob.  My hands get incredibly dry so I always make sure I have some hand cream in my bag, my favourite is The Body Shops, Hemp Hand Protector (read more about that here) Last but not least, my selfie stick! I received it as a gift for Christmas and I love it! I know some people can find them quite annoying but I think it's the best invention ever!

What's in your bag?


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