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Sunday, February 08, 2015

The Sunday Post: One Of Those Weeks

I've had a bit of an odd week.  I've felt drained and not been quite myself.  I've been eating rubbish all week, lots of chocolate and I've had chips for lunch twice this week.  I've also only been to one bootcamp and one exercise class which is not like me, I love going to bootcamp but I just haven't had the energy or the motivation to go this week.  All I've wanted to do is relax and chill out.  I haven't even been that motivated at work, we are having a quiet period so I'm making work for myself as there isn't a lot to do which I think is also taking it's toll as it's making the day seem so long.

I know that we all have weeks like this and we just have to get on with it, pick ourselves up and ensure that the next week is better.  Next week I will eat healthily and ensure I get to at least 3 bootcamp/exercise classes, that way I will start to feel more like myself.

Do you ever have one of those weeks?


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