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Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Sunday Post: Glowfit

Hi guys! Hope everyone has had a good week? 

Mine has been pretty good, I had a 3 day week at work so it flew by and on Wednesday I attended a new fitness class that my bootcamp instructor set up (if you didn't know I do bootcamp 3 times a week) called GLOWFIT.

Glowfit is a high intensity aerobic style workout, I don't think I stopped for the whole hour, to 90's dance music and to make things even better it's all in the dark with glowsticks.  Yes you heard me, glowsticks, now if that doesn't want to make you work out then I don't know what will.  I love trying new fitness classes but I think this is 100% my favourite I have ever done.  It was such a fun workout to all my favourite songs and I've already signed up for next week.  If you're from the North West (Liverpool based) then I would highly recommend giving it a go, you can find out more on Heatone Fitness Facebook Page.

I'm currently in London for the weekend having a girlie weekend with my Uni friends but will update you all next week with what I did etc, but you can always catch up on my twitter and instagram as I post daily!

What do you think of my new fitness class? Would you want to try GLOWFIT?

Lots of love


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