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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Sunday Post: 6 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

After having a bit of a rubbish week last week, this week has 110% been better! Except the fact that I'm currently sat in pain with a bad back, ah well there has to be some bad in a week I guess.  This week has been good for a number of reasons so for this weeks Sunday Post I thought it was good idea to sum it all up!

1. Eating out for dinner - First at Pizza Express and then at Eds Diner, I don't eat out enough but last weekend I truly made the most of it.  Yesterday I also went to Bills for the first time which I loved! It's only just moved to Liverpool (from what I know) so I was very excited! I had the Mac n Cheese with butternut squash, warm chocolate brownie for dessert and peach iced tea to wash it all down with, amazing!

2. Visiting the Andy Warhol exhibition - Mum and I made it to the last day of the exhibition and it was pretty amazing to see his work and to see how much he actually did.  I love going to exhibitions but defo don't go to enough and we have so many amazing ones in Liverpool.

3. Winning the incentive at work (Topshop) - I was so made up I won this, I know it sounds stupid but I was really happy! I won it for being bubbly, giving friendly customer service and for generally being a shoe superstar *insert sassy emoji* I won an amazing Valentines hamper filled with lots of goodies including chocolates, candles, pamper bits and a little bottle of wine, made up!

4. Doing full press ups at bootcamp without dropping once - I've been able to do these for quite a while but haven't really pushed myself as I've gotten quite lazy with it but this week I really tried so I'm super happy with myself.

5. Making plans with friends who I met when travelling - I'm hopefully gonna be meeting up with the girls who I met when I was in Australia/ New Zealand soon and I couldn't be happier, I had the best time with them and I really miss them.

6. Benefits Roller Lash - How AMAZING is this mascara? It's made my lashes look so long, the mascara doesn't clump and I love the shape of the wand, perfect for elongating my lashes.  Make sure you pick up Elle magazine for your free sample before Roller Lash goes on sale at the end of the month.

What's made you happy this week?


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