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Friday, February 13, 2015

LIFESTYLE: A Weekend in London

A couple of weekends ago I headed down to London with my friends who I lived with at University for a fun filled weekend.  I don't see these girls too often (although we did go to Berlin last year) so it's always nice to catch up.

We acted like proper tourists and had selfies with Big Ben and the guard!

We went out for drinks which was another hilarious experience as the club that we went to was so odd.  There was a host who spoke between every song(!!) and weird dancers on the stage, yes very odd but all good fun.

We ate lots of yummy food, including at a Turkish restaurant which I had never tried before but it was delicious! I had some sort of chicken in a wrap with a tomato sauce over the top with rice and yoghurt and it was lovely, there were so many flavours in it and I would definitely eat Turkish food again.

We decided that we would head to the London Dungeons as none of us has been before and it was an experience in itself! It was actually pretty scary as the actors kept jumping out and it was so dark in there.  There are 2 rides in the dungeons and even they were scary, we nearly had a heart attack on the boat ride! It was a hilarious day out and think it's well worth a trip there as you get a lot for your money but just be prepared to queue for abit.

I had a lovely weekend in London, it really is one of my favourite cities and I've said it before and I'll say it again I would love to live down there, maybe next year....


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