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Friday, January 30, 2015

TRAVEL: Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

They say that when you arrive in Sydney, Australia, the first thing you should do is climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but for me it was the last thing I did before I left.  And boy was it amazing!

I booked my climb through the website and it was a very easy process, I easily selected a date/time to complete my bridge climb, bear in mind there are a variety of times that you can climb such as day, dusk and night, they also vary in price.  I chose the 5:15pm climb which was one of the latest during the day as I didn't want to get too hot whilst climbing.  Once we were at the centre, the process for getting us ready for our climb was again easy and straightforward.  We were briefed about the plan for the climb then got changed into our rather attractive jumpsuits.  We got told to take off any loose items eg. jewellery, hair grips and we attached our sunglasses, a hat and a hankerchief to ourselves so we wouldn't lose them.  Then it was time to meet our guide and get fitted for our harnesses, he gave us a safety briefing and showed us how to climb the vertical ladders (one at a time) and how to move whilst attached to the bridge as you are attached with a clasp onto a wire that runs all over the bridge.  We were also fitted for headphones so we could hear what our guide was saying at all times.  Then it was time to go!

We started off by walking under the bridge on a narrow walkway and then started on the 4/5 vertical ladders then took us up to main section of the bridge.  It was at this point that my heart started to race, mainly out of excitement but a tiny part was fear as I knew how high we were going to go.  Once we were on the bridge and started to walk I realised I had nothing to be scared of as the bridge was so wide so you are never at the very edge of the bridge and the steps were very gentle so extremely easy to walk up.  As the bridge is so wide, at no point can you look directly down, you can only look out and WOW!

The views were incredible! I thought I had already seen the city at it's best from the Pylon Lookout but this was something else.  It was such a beautiful day with gorgeous cloudless blue sky so it made the city look even more amazing!  The Sydney Opera House was right in front of you and you could see for miles as well!  Ou guide was brilliant too as he told us the history of the bridge and the city, told us stories and showed us points of interest.  We then crossed over the centre of the bridge at it's highest point (and over 8 lanes of traffic!!) to the opposite side where we could see Luna Park and Darling Harbour.  Heading back down the opposite side and under the bridge we could see where they were re-painting it to keep it in good condition, they paint it all year round as it takes so long so as soon as they finish on one side it's time to start going back over it again.

Overall it took 2 hours to climb the bridge and it was one of the most amazing experiences! It feels pretty awesome that I can now say that I have climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge! I recommend it to anyone as it's a perfect way to see the beautiful city of Sydney and for those who are scared of heights, it really isn't that scary at all.

Have you climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge?


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