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Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Sunday Post: Changes

Hello and welcome to my new Sunday post! Usually changes are made at the start of the year but it's just over halfway through the month and I'm just about making mine now, very late to the party I know but better late than never.  I've been wanting to make this blog more personal for a while now and it's about time that I started and hopefully thats what the Sunday post will be about.  Due to my new additional Sunday post my scheduling has changed so I'll be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I hope you guys enjoy.

So what's been happening this week? My boss has given me a big opportunity to prove myself at work by asking me to create the layouts for a 6 piece spread in our June publication, which is massive! That's an entire section in one of our biggest publications, I had to re-read the email a couple of times before I actually understood what I was reading but I've fully embraced the opportunity.  It means I'm spending a lot of time researching different interiors so I've been scouring homeware catalogues for inspiration and pinterest has been a life saviour! I've really enjoyed creating it as it means I can show off my creative side. I'm presenting it tomorrow and Tuesday so keep all ya fingers and toes crossed that it goes well for me!

Also I reached 300 followers on bloglovin yesterday! Not a massive achievement in blogging but for me it really is so just wanted to say a huge thank you from me to everyone who takes the time to read and comment on my blog, you've all made me very happy!

Hope you guys enjoyed my first Sunday post! What have you been up to this week?


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