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Monday, January 26, 2015

3 Tips For Packing For A Weekend City Break

I love going on city breaks but I do find that they are insanely hard to pack for, I either pack too much or not enough and will 100% always forget something.  But after going on a fair few now I think I may have cracked the weekend city break packing down to a tee so I've got a few tips that have helped me and I hope that they help you too.

1. Go with a colour scheme: Decide on a colour scheme that you would like to wear so it will be easier to pick your outfits.  Black is my standard go to colour and as my wardrobe is full of it it's perfect.   

2. Pack layers: I always make sure I pack a good couple of layers eg. t-shirt, jumper, gilet etc so I can add or take away from an outfit if necessary.

3. Go minimal: When going on a weekend break you want to pack light which means don't go taking that jumper/coat that only really goes with one outfit.  You need minimal outfits that you can mix and match but still create different outfits every day.  Accessories wise try to pack minimal too, for a weekend you only need one handbag and try to stick to one or two pairs of shoes depending on what you are going to be doing. 

What I'm packing for my city break?

Black Topshop Joni Jeans // Basic White T-Shirt // Burgundy Jumper // Checked Shirt // Black Leather Skirt // White Gilet // Black Lace Top // Black Boots // Michael Kors Selma Bag // Black Fedora

As you can see I've gone for a black, white and burgundy colour scheme, with all these items I can mix and match and create 3 different items on all my days.  My boots, fedora and bag go with everything and I have the option of wearing my jeans or my leather skirt.

I hope these tips have been helpful for you!
What are you tips for packing for a weekend city break?


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