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Thursday, December 04, 2014

BLOGMAS #4 - November Favourites

I haven't done a favourites post in what seems like forever so thought it was time I gave it another whirl! See what I've been loving in November.

Real Techniques Cheek Brush: I was recently very kindly given the 'Real Techniques Nic's Picks Brush Set' (full post coming shortly!) and this is by far my favourite brush from the set.  I've been after a new blusher brush for a while and this is just perfect for picking up just the right amount of product and applying it to my cheeks.

Crystal Clear Protect and Repair Cream*: This is a product that I've had for a while as it was stashed at the bottom of my drawer but I've since discovered it and I love it! It's actually an anti-aging sun protection cream with SPF 40, now I know it's not Summer but we are still getting sun and this is an added protection for my skin.  The cream is quite thick but insanely moisturising and I've found my skin to be smoother since using it.  Also the cream can be used as a primer for foundation!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water: I've been meaning to pick this up for a while now and I'm so glad I did this month, it's the best product that I have used for removing my makeup by far! It gently removes all my makeup and leaves my face feeling super clean and soft, also it doesn't sting my eyes like some makeup removers do.  The bottle is 400ml and I've been using it up to twice a day every day for weeks and I've still got 3/4 of the bottle left, very good value for money and I will definitely be picking up another bottle when I run out.

Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector: I posted a full post about this recently as I truly do love it, it's so moisturising on my hands and gets rid of any dryness, to me it's a Winter essential.

New Look Multi Print Scarf: This has 100% been my best purchase for a while, I've worn it every single day since I've bought it and I just love it.  It's huge, warm and the double print mixes it up from your standard scarf.  100% love! Read my full post on this scarf here.

Burgundy Vagabond boots: Again another one of my favourite purchases, these boots are so comfy as the heel isn't that big, they go with my entire wardrobe and they're burgundy, what more can I say! I've been wearing these with jeans, dresses and skirts galore, I've had so much wear out of them this recently.

Netflix: Now I'm really late to the party with Netflix as I only got it recently and I'm now sat wondering to myself why it took me so long to sign up for it!! It's changed my life, maybe not for the better as all I do now is binge on series (LOVE Orange Is The New Black!) but I'm so glad that I finally caved and got it, any recommendations of what to watch will be greatly appreciated!

So that's everything that I've been loving in November, was a good month! What have you been loving in November? Do you use any of these products?



  1. I love Real Techniques brushes, I haven't tried this one yet. May have to add it to my Xmas wish list ;)

    1. They're amazing aren't they! This one is great, defo worth a purchase! xx

  2. The Body Shop hand creme sounds good, I'll have to take a look next time I am near a shop. Can always use a good one.

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  3. It's the best one I've found! xx


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