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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

BLOGMAS #24 - This Time Last Year...

This time last year I was in Australia! It's so crazy how quick this year has gone! I spent my Christmas Eve on a party cruise around Sydney Harbour which was insane, so much fun and absolutely amazing to see the harbour from that perspective.  Christmas Day was spent hanging out and going for an amazing meal at the harbour with the lovely ladies above.  It was such an odd Christmas as it was hot, even though it rained all day, and there were decorations everywhere and Christmas songs being played all the time but it just didn't feel like Christmas.  Christmas is supposed to be cold and you get all wrapped up and not lying sunbathing on a beach.  But I enjoyed it all the same, even if I did get a little homesick I had the best couple of weeks with these girls!  I felt like I missed a Christmas last year so thats why I am incredibly excited for it this year, I've been wearing my Christmas pants and singing to Mariah Carey at the top of my voice.  Christmas I'm ready for ya!


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