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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

BLOGMAS #17 - What I've Been Watching Recently

As mentioned in my November Favourites I've recently got Netflix, yes very late to the party but I finally have it so thought I would share what I've been watching recently.

Orange Is The New Black: This was at the top of my watching list as everyone I know has been raving about it so I couldn't wait to watch it.  At first I wasn't too sure about it as it wasn't what I expected but a couple of episodes in and I was hooked! I love how interesting it was and how unexpected it was especially the second season, the finale OMG! Now I can't wait for the next season, please tell me there is another one?

The Swan Princess: Ah an old favourite! I love that Netflix has lots of Disney films as I'm a major Disney geek inside.  This film is just so cute, I love the songs and the story but it's looking majorly dated now.

The Last Song: I'm having a slight obsession with Liam Hemsworth at the moment and although I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus I really wanted to watch this film.  I actually really enjoyed it but was no way prepared for the ending, yep bawled my eyes out.

The Bounty Hunter: Oh Gerard Butler, what a babe! Yes I watched it purely for him! I enjoy a good rom-com so this was a good watch, very predictable but a fun watch.

Burlesque: Oh I love this film! Anything musical I love! The songs, the dancing and Cam Gigandet, what more can you want in a film?

Blackfish: I've been wanting to watch this for ages and I finally got round to.  OMG, there are no words to describe how I felt during this documentary, I was horrified! Orcas should not be held in captivity, it's just inhumane and I just felt so sad.  I won't be heading back to Seaworld for sure.  The documentary is a hard watch but such an eye-opener, a must watch!

What have you been watching recently? Anything I need to be watching?



  1. I love Orange is the New Black too, and they are definitely bringing out a third season in the new year! x

    1. Ahh thats brilliant news!! Too excited!! xx


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