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Monday, November 17, 2014

TRAVEL: 6 Fears of Backpacking

When I told people that I had booked a one way ticket to travel around Australia their reaction was one of shock.  People would say to me "oh gosh you're brave!", "are you not scared?" or "how are you going to survive?" And my answer was always the same, "brave? Nahh it's just normal, nothing to it", "no I'm not scared it's going to be fun!" and "not too sure but I'll figure it out." Que reacts of shock, horror and surprise.  To me, it's unbelievable how people can't get their heads around the fact that people hop on a plane halfway around the world to travel and live their lives.  It's just like going on a very long holiday.  I guess people just have fears of going travelling as it is out of their comfort zone.

Top 6 fears:

1. Running out of money: How much money have you saved? What if you run out of money? What if you can't find a job? This is a common fear amongst backpackers and don't get me wrong it has happened to me but luckily I have always been in the right place at the right time for a job and so I have never had that much of a problem.  But I guess that travelling really shows you how to budget your money, yes it is going to be expensive as you have to pay for accommodation, food, your laundry and that's even before you've booked any tours and activities.  But if you prioritise what is important during your travels then you will be fine, maybe you could cook with a friend to save costs on food, or do your laundry together.  As the Tesco advert says "every little helps!"

2. Feeling homesick: This will definitely happen at least once during your travels especially if you are away for more than six months.  You've just got to realise why you are out travelling in the first place and what you would be doing if you were still back home, most probably not a lot. 

3. Not making friends: It is impossible not to make friends when you are travelling as 90% of people are travelling by themselves so everyone is in the same boat.  Hostels are a brilliant way to meet new people as dorm rooms and common rooms are so social, even if you only spend a couple of days with someone then you carry on your travels, you will never be alone and without friends.  

4. Getting your belongings stolen: I can't say that this doesn't happen because it does, thankfully not to me and fingers crossed it won't! But it's common sense when travelling to not flaunt your DSLR and your laptop etc and when you're not in the room to lock all your belongings up.  If you're sensible, hopefully nothing should get stolen and if you are really that worried, keep all your expensive items on you at all times.

5. Not feeling safe: Again this is common sense, if you make yourself stand out in a country and look like a tourist you could get picked on.  And I don't have much experience of other countries but travelling around New Zealand and Australia is very safe.

6. Not having a "plan": Well that's the best part of travelling, not having a set plan of where you are going to stay next week or who you will be with never mind what you will be doing next year! Not having a plan whilst travelling is the best way to be as plans are just made to be broken and they can change every day.  Don't worry.

To me, travelling shouldn't be scary, it should be fun! At the end of the day you are there to enjoy yourself and see the world and get over your fears.  Fear is just in the moment. 



  1. When I travel, everything always seems to work out for the best, and I always have more fun than when I am at home! I think that you need to trust yourself, and have confidence in what you are doing to be able to take an extended, unplanned trip!

    1. Yeah same, I love travelling and I really miss it! You really need confidence, you need to be able to take risks and just live in the moment!


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