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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Favourite iPhone Apps

I'm obsessed with my iPhone, especially since treating myself to an iPhone 6 aka most beautiful phone everrrrrr so thought I would round up a couple of my favourite apps, I love reading posts like this cos I'm way nosey and am always on the hunt for new apps!

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: Obviously I love all the main social apps, facebook I use mainly for personal use and I don't even use it that much either.  Twitter and instagram are my fave and I love nothing more than scrolling through them when I have a spare 2 mins.  You can follow me on twitter here and instagram here, yes shameless plug.

Timehop: I'm so happy that I finally downloaded this as I love seeing what I got up to in previous years, although it does make me sad that this time last year I was in Sydney, Australia WAH WAH :(

Bloglovin': Another social media one but Bloglovin' is seriously the easiest way to catch up on all my daily reads, you can follow me here, oh look another shameless plug!

Ebay: I've been selling a few bit on ebay recently and have actually been doing alright, it's mainly my mums old clothes that sell and not mine, (does anyone else find that?) but every little help and I do love it when my phone goes mad at the last couple of minutes!

VSCOcam: I use this to edit all my photos before popping them on instagram as I find that the effects are generally better and much crisper plus there are so many to choose from.

Instasize: Such a handy app for posting full length photos on instagram, (why does it always cut your feet off on the app?) with this one you are able to post straight to instagram too and it's one of my most used apps.

Frametastic: Another handy app for making collages which I absolutely love.

iTube: I discovered this app whilst travelling and it was perfect when my iPod died when I was out there.  You are able to stream music videos straight from Youtube and then are able to save them in a playlist so you can then view the videos when you're not on 3G or wifi, pretty awesome.

Bubble Witch 2: My little guilty pleasure game! It's a game where you burst all the bubbles to save ghosts etc, very fun but equally addictive!

Bingo: Another guilty pleasure, Bingo is too much fun and I can spend hours on it, too many hours...

What are your favourite phone apps?



  1. Instasize is for sure one of my favourite apps too! It is so necessary haha!

    1. Defo! Instagram is so annoying how it cuts half of your photo! xx

  2. I haven't downloaded time hop yet but I really should, looks like a great app! Bubble witch 2 sounds like a lot of fun :D


    1. Oh I love looking at it, such a good way to remember things! Bubble Witch is so addictive, be warned! haha xx

  3. I just downloaded iTube! Sounds perfect for me! I'm always on the go and since I don't have a laptop or an ipod . . . I think this app could be amazing! Thanks! I've never heard of it before! :)

    LeviJade xx

  4. Oohh, I'm definitely going to check out iTube, thanks for sharing. xx



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