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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Current Favourite Style Bloggers

My favourite kind of blogs to read are personal style blogs, I love seeing everyones individual style and how different everyone dresses and they are always so inspiring to read.  This post rounds up my current favourite style bloggers, these are the ones that inspire me the most and the ones I get excited to read when I see they have posted!

Amy is just so beaut and her photographs are stunning, I generally love every outfit that she wears as each and every one is so different.

Tilly is a recent favourite of mine, I find her style quite 'out there' and something that I would never personally wear purely because I just don't think I could rock it but she inspires me to try different things.

I've read Hannah's blog for a while now but recently she has come on bounds! Her outfits are always spot on and her hair and makeup are just stunning.  I love that shes northern too!

Now Megan is again a recent find but may already be my ultimate favourite.  She is ultra cool and her photos just look ultra slick plus she has an awesome job (personal stylist at ASOS) and she always makes me want my full fringe back!

Lily's blog is the first fashion blog that I came across and it was her that inspired me to start my own.  I remember checking her blog everyday when I was travelling to catch up on her latest OOTD's and now that shes ventured more into lifestyle and travel posts I think I love her even more.

Charlotte from Blonde Canvas has the most beautiful style, every outfit is so beautifully put together and she totally inspires me.  Plus have you seen her hair? Gorgeous!

I hope this post inspires you and you go follow these lovely ladies (if you don't already that is)!

Do you read any of these blogs? Who are your favourite bloggers?



  1. You've picked out some beauties here :) I love style posts too!

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. i have quite a few of the same bloggers on my reading list as well, great selection


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