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Monday, October 06, 2014

TRAVEL: Reichstag, Berlin

Our hotel was minutes walk away from the Reichstag, we walked past it nearly everyday and I never got bored of looking at it.  The Reichstag is a building of Parliament and like many buildings in Berlin, it mixes the traditional with the modern.  After a tragic fire in 1933, the building was left partially refurbished but was only fully completed in 1999 which was when the dome was added in.  The large glass dome has a 360 degree view of Berlin city and you can also look down and see the main hall of Parliament below. We attempted to go in the Reichstag on our final day but unknown to us, you have to book a couple of days in advance so sadly we missed out. 

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Have you ever been to Berlin?



  1. I'd love to visit Berlin one day, your pictures are incredible. xx


    1. You should defo, it's so beaut! Thank you lovely! :) xx


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