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Monday, October 20, 2014

Student Hacks: 3 Tips for Surviving Your First Year of University

Going to University is a nerve-wrecking but exciting time, I remember walking into my halls for the first time and meeting my flat-mates that I would be living with for the next year, very scary, emotional and surreal but I truly loved every second of it.  I was fully prepared to throw myself into University life and I'm so glad I did because I met some awesome people and had the best 3 years ever! Yes it was sometimes challenging and you do feel homesick at times but the whole experience is too amazing to miss out on.

If you've just started Uni or are looking to start next year then here are a couple of my tips to help you out!

1. Take fancy dress outfits: Fancy dress outfits will always come in handy at University as there are forever nights out where you will need to be a cave girl, a greek goddess or whatever else you feel like.  They are a fail safe option and also a brilliant ice breaker for meeting people!

2. Join a team or club: Another great way to meet people and especially different people who you don't live with or who are on your course.  One of the best things I did at Uni was join the squash club as it gave me another group of friends and ensured I was involved within the Uni.

3. Be yourself: A pretty self explanatory one but if you're not self and are pretending to be someone else it's not gonna wash with people.  You're hanging out with people 24/7 near enough whether it be in your lectures or you live with them, if you're not yourself then everyone is going to see right through you and not wanna hang out with you.  Harsh but true.  No point in trying to be someone you're not just to impress people.

So there are my top tips for your first year of University! You can share your top tips or read more as part of Currys Student Hacks competition and on twitter.

What are your top tips for starting University?


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