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Thursday, October 30, 2014

REVIEW: Polaroid Photos from Huggle Up

Ever since returning from Australia and New Zealand I've been meaning to print off photos to remind me of my travels but just haven't had the time or it's always slipped my mind.  I have actually made a photobook of New Zealand and am in the process of doing one for Australia but sometimes it's nice to have hard copies of your photos too.  I've been after polaroid style photos for a while now but I just couldn't find a website that I could easily use or that wasn't too expensive so I asked on twitter and was recommended Huggle Up.

From the very first look I could see how accessible and easy the website was to navigate, you simply choose which product you are after, the choices are polaroids, squares, magnets, petite polaroids or petite squares, you then upload your chosen photos, checkout and there you go. Easy peasy.  The upload time of the photos was extremely quick and the whole process took less than 10 minutes.  I received my photos 4/5 days later after I ordered them which I was extremely happy about!

I chose 20 of the polaroid style and am so happy with how they have turned out! The paper the photos are printed on is of good quality as it's thick almost cardboard like.  And the quality of the photos are amazing, just like the originals I had taken.  These 20 photos cost me £12.50 (and free delivery) which I thought was very reasonably priced with regard to the quality of the photos.

I love my printed polaroid photos as they are a lovely reminder of my travels and I'm so excited to put them on my wall so I can always look at them and I'm even looking at printing more of my photos off now too!

Have you used Huggle Up before? Do you like printing out your photos?



  1. We printed out a bucket load of photos from our first travel trip together (my bf and I), but tbh, aside from putting them in a photo album, they don't get a lot of love, which is a shame. It's a lot of wonderful memories. I do find myself flicking through them on the computer though, so it's not all lost.

    1. Oh thats a shame! I have these on my wall so I'm always looking at them! x


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