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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Recent Things That Made Me Happy

- Finally finishing Breaking Bad, I throughly enjoyed the series, it was so gripping all the way through but I was so disappointed by the ending, which was quite sad! Now the questions is, what do I start watching next?

- Working back at Topshop after a month away.

- Seeing 'Wicked' on stage for the second time, it was just as amazing the second time around and it will forever be my favourite musical.

- Buying the most perfect blanket coat.

- The weather staying warmish (I'm forever holding onto Summer) but also kinda wishing it would cool down so I can wear said blanket coat.

- Buying my new winter boots, burgundy Vagabonds!

- Upgrading to an iPhone 6, it's so beautiful!

- Costa Coffee's vanilla latte.

- Thinking back to my little trip to Berlin.

- Being able to blog consistently.

- Getting back into the swing of things with bootcamp and being able to do full press ups without dropping.

- Seeing my best friend Sarah after a couple of months of her being in Asia.

What's made you happy recently?


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