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Friday, October 31, 2014

LIFESTYLE: Halloween Bootcamp

I attend bootcamp sessions a couple of times a week and this week we had a very special bootcamp session as it was Halloween themed.  Now I love Halloween so I got fully into it and dressed up to the nines as Malice in Wonderland and I'm pretty chuffed with how I look especially as I only had about 20 minutes to get ready! The bootcamp session was the same as our normal sessions but this time we used pumpkins as medicine balls therefore we were squatting with them, doing press-ups, planking with them etc I'm so glad I only had a little pumpkin as they are rather heavy! The dress up Halloween was all for a good cause in aid of our local charity.  I had such a fun evening as I enjoy bootcamp and absolutely love dressing up for Halloween so thanks so much to Heatone Fitness for organising it.  Thought I would pop a couple of photos from the night below, hope you enjoy them!

Hope you all have a happy (scary) Halloween, whatever you are up to, I'm quite tempted to dress up again like this again tonight and scare all the trick or treaters!!



  1. Your look is so cool as well as the other girls! It's so cool that at bootcamps you can dress like that makes exersising a lot more fun hahah! Great blog post I can't wait to see more from you!!!

    Color U Bold

    1. Thank you! Yeahh I enjoyed it so much, wish I could do it every day haha! xx

  2. Wow this only took 20 minutes!? You are good! Your makeup and everything looks great... very spooky! Hope you scared some little kids :P

    (Just kidding)


    1. Yeahh I wish I had longer but I'm still pretty chuffed with it! The kids just kept staring at me, think I ruined Alice in Wonderland for them! hahaa xx


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