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Friday, October 24, 2014

Autumn: What I'm Looking Forward To & What I'm Not

I missed last years Autumn due to being in a much sunnier climate and so I'm actually quite looking forward to it this year, which is saying something as I'm very much a Summer person.

What I'm looking forward to about Autumn:

- Wrapping up in my blanket coat.
- Bonfire night.
- Pumpkin Spice Latte's at Starbucks.
- Halloween movies.
- Wearing my winter boots.
- Christmas shopping.
- Thick tights and socks.
- Christmas cups.
- Fireworks.
- Wrapping presents.

What I'm not looking forward to about Autumn:

- My face being really dry from the weather.
- That chill that hits you when you walk out of the door.
- De-icing the car.
- Englands inability to handle snow.
- Christmas shoppers.
- No longer being able to wear sliders.
- Evenings getting dark so early.

What are you looking forward and not looking forward to about Autumn?



  1. Getting up earlier to de-ice the car is not fun!! Beautiful blog! x

    1. DEFO not fun!! haaa Oh thank you lovely :) xx

  2. I hate that it gets dark so early too. Wah. At least it's almost Christmas... Such a happy time :)



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