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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

BEAUTY: Charles Worthington Style Setter Salt Spray

Nowadays I tend to leave my hair to dry naturally and although it is rather wavy by itself I like to add a little salt spray to give it that little umph.  I used to use the Charles Worthington Front Row Salt Spray and that was literally my one, it did amazing things to my hair and it was the product that made me embrace my natural hair.  Unfortunately now they have discontinued it which I was devastated about but I decided to give this Charles Worthington Style Setter Salt Spray a whirl, it's by the same brand so how different can it be?  The answer is not a lot, thankfully it does exactly the same and gives my hair lovely tousled waves with loads of volume.  How I use this is I blow dry my hair upside down for a minute or two, primarily just so I can get my roots dry and around the front of my face as thats where my hair tends to frizz, spritz a couple of times along the mid lengths and ends and then to finish off I scrunch and voila! I sometimes use this on straight hair too to just give abit more volume so it's not poker straight.  I'm so glad I found this as it really works with my hair and perfect for everyday and those lazy days when you can't be bothered to dry and straighten your hair. A must have hair product in my opinion.

Have you used this product? Or any other salt sprays?


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  1. Does it still smell like the original One that was big waves sea salt spray in the red bottle? Omgosh I loved that smell.


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