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Monday, August 04, 2014

TRAVEL: 10 Essentials I Travel With

I love packing for my travels and I am definitely an over packer, I'm the person that packs that extra dress "just in case - you never know it could come in handy." But I started thinking of what items I couldn't literally couldn't travel without:

1. Sleep mask and ear plugs: These come in very very handy for hostel rooms, flights, long bus journeys the lot as you will always have that one person who snores!

2. Sarong: Has multiple uses, you can lie on it on the beach, use it as a sarong, as a towel, a cover up or to keep yourself warm.  I picked a brightly coloured one so I know I can always find it in my bag. You can pick them up for quite cheap as well.

3. Moisturising lip balm: A beauty essential for me, a mixture of hot weather and water always dries your lips out and for me there is nothing worse than dry lips! I use the 'Maybelline Baby Lips' which does what it says on the tin aka makes your lips baby soft. 

4. iPhone, charger and headphones: An iPhone is your best friend whilst travelling, you can communicate with home, take photos/videos, write notes, listen to music, watch films, play games, the list is endless!! I Always make sure I carry around a charger and headphones too as there is nothing worse than your phone dying and you can't update your Facebook! I joke...

5. Notebook and pen: I am a list maker and love writing down details of my trip, blog post ideas or anything at all so this is always handy to travel with.

6. Sunglasses: To help conceal none makeup days, the day after the night before and to generally look good (is it just me who thinks everyone looks better in sunglasses?)

7. Camera: This is just a standard one, how else am I meant to record all the beautiful places I visit if I didn't have my camera?

8. Books: I am a massive book worm and am constantly reading a book whether I have an actual hard copy book or I'm reading something on my iPad, I cannot travel without a book because I feel lost.  It's also brilliant if you're a solo traveller as you can always keep yourself busy.

9. Comfortable footwear: My choice of footwear is flip flops or converse, so comfortable, easy to wear and go with anything.

10. Large foldaway bag: A bag that can hold all your essentials like camera, purse etc is great for travelling as it just makes life so much easier. 

What can't you travel without?



  1. great post! i always take a notebook and pen with me too :)

    from helen at

    ps. win some Raybans of your choice + a beauty goodie bag worth nearly £300 on my blog! click here.

    1. It's so handy for noting down bits and pieces isnt it!


  2. Great list! 90% of my suitcase is just "toiletries" haha very few clothes and then electronics!

    1. They take up so much room don't they haa!! Xxx


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