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Thursday, August 21, 2014


Prepare for cute puppy overload... everyone meet Maisy! She is a half King Charles Cavalier and half Shi-Tzu mix and is literally the cutest thing.  Unfortunately she isn't mine as I was only puppy minding for friends whilst they were on holiday but I loved looking after her.

Maisy may be cute but she is a menace, she loves to chew everything and anything, especially your feet and if you pull them away she sees it as a game and will only chew them more.  She has mad half hours where she will run riot around the house for no reason and then just suddenly stop.  Walk time is very entertaining as at first she won't walk and would rather just sit and watch the cars drive by.  Or get distracted by pine cones.  She is a very sociable dog and loves nothing more than playing with them.  Or just rolling over onto her back.  She loves jumping on the bean bag but doesn't seem to understand why it moves when she walks on it, or why she falls off.  Her favourite toy is her rag toy or Minnie Mouse, she loves Minnie Mouse, her nose especially.  She likes to have water fights with herself and will put her paw and then her face in her water bowl and splash it everywhere.  Then she comes and sit right beside you and stares at you because she knows that she has made a mess.  But you can never stay mad at that cute little face, not for one second.



  1. Literally so cute!! My friends used to have a pure cavalier spaniel who was so beautiful too xx

  2. Awww shes beautiful I dont know how you gave her back haha ;)

    xxx Claire


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