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Friday, August 29, 2014

FASHION: The Ipanema Flip Flops

Flip flops are essentials and never leave my feet in Summer.  Whilst I was travelling Australia and New Zealand I never took them off as they were my favoured footwear, so easy to throw on, go with everything and so damn comfy but as I wore them every single day for 14 months I did go through a fair few pairs of them as some broke, became worn down etc.  I just wish I had found this brand before I left as I don't think I would have ever bought any other flip flops.

Ipanema are a Brazilian brand that represent everything about Brazil, sun, surf and the relaxed but vibrant culture.  Every little detail is thought of to make sure these flip flops stay true to their culture, for example, the pattern of the flip flops are an exact replica of those that run next to the beach in Ipanema, Brazil.  Such amazing detail!

I was kindly sent these Ipanema Petal II flip flops in black/grey to try for myself and I love them! As I mentioned before, I've tried a lot of flip flops and never have I felt comfort like this before.  The flip flops have anatomic soles which means that they are moulded to complement your foot so there is less pressure as you are walking, meaning you can walk around for longer in them.  I didn't even feel like I was wearing flip flops as most of them nowadays can be quite thin and you can feel every stone as you're walking but not these, they even have a slight wedge to ensure comfort at all times.

I absolutely love the print of these as they are perfect for during the day but you could even get away with them for an evening too.  I know that Summer has left us but I am pinning all my hopes on a lovely September so hopefully will get some wear out of these before it gets too cold, if not there is always my holiday next year (yes it's already booked and I'm already too excited!!).

You can buy your Ipanema flip flops here for a very reasonable price and they are currently holding a sale so if you're doing some last minute shopping for your holidays then I highly recommend you take a look at their site as I don't think you will be able to find much better!

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Have you got a pair of Ipanema's? What are your favourite brand of flip flops?



  1. I love Ipanema flip flops. So stylish and durable. X

    1. Defo! I can't believe how comfy they are! xx

  2. These are gorgeous! I do love my Havaiana's though. xx

    1. I do too, that's what I lived in whilst travelling but I think these might be comfier! xx


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