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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Why I Love Holidays Abroad

I love a holiday abroad, everything from the initial arriving at the airport, that excited feeling you get when you know its holiday time, the heat that first hits you when you come off the airplane, relaxing on a sandy beach, being able to jump in the ice cold pool, eating ice-cream all day and not feeling guilty, the smell of suncream, being able to learn about different cultures, exploring new places that I’ve never been to before and especially holiday dressing as theres nothing better than a summer wardrobe.

What do you love about holidays abroad?

ps. Read the full feature on the M&Co blog.



  1. I love it when you first walk out of the airport and you feel that first blow of heat <3 sunshine, swimming, eating the delicious food, reading by pool, listening to music by the sea, relaxing in the heat and sun <3 I go on holiday next week and this just got me mega excited :D

    1. Ooh I'm so jealous of you going on holiday, I'm not going anywhere this year :( ENJOY! xx


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