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Monday, July 14, 2014

TRAVEL: 8 Essentials for a Trip to Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Are you planning on heading to Uluru? Well here is a little list of the essentials that you may need when you're visiting the Big Rock!

1. Sturdy shoes - during the trip you partake in a few walks (walk is a loose term!) so sturdy shoes are very necessary, they don't have to be hiking boots, trainers will do as long as you are comfortable and your feet are secure.

2. 1.5L bottle - this was drilled and drilled into us that we needed at least a 1.5L bottle as they won't allow you into the park or to go walking without one.  This is understandable as it can get very hot and you are in the sun engaging in some seriously tiring activities.

3. Sunscreen - this is a pretty standard one really, factor 30 is the minimum that is recommended, again it is extremely hot and there isn't much shade so you need to make sure that you top up your sunscreen regularly.  Sunburn is not pretty and it's not cool!

4. Hat - preferably wide brimmed.  This might sound a silly one but it will keep the sun off your face and from burning your head.

5. Suitable clothing - shorts and t-shirts for during the day and during the cooler months a pair of long pants, a jacket and a scarf are required as it can get chiller during the evening (I was sleeping with 3 layers on and a scarf around my head and that was in October which is spring)

6. Sleeping bag - depending on what kind of tour you embark on depends on your sleeping arrangement.  For many of them, you will be sleeping under the stars in a 'swag' which is basically a mattress in a waterproof covering (very comfortable!) but you will need a sleeping bag as well. If you don't personally own one you are able to hire them from the tour companies for a reasonable price.

7. Camera - again a standard one really, ensure that you have a lot of space on your SD card and multiple batteries or a charger to re-charge it, nothing worse than watching Ayers Rock at sunrise and your battery dies!

8. Travel pillow- you will spend a lot of time on a bus so unless you want a stiff neck I advise bringing a travel pillow, it will also help when you are sleeping in your swag as they don't provide pillows (unless you're happy using your hoodie as a pillow....)

Do you think I've missed anything?

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  1. these photos look incrdible im so jealous! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Awhh thanks lovely, I loved it there! :) xx


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