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Saturday, May 03, 2014

What Happened in April?

April was a very chilled out month that seemed to pass so quickly and yet really slowly.  I've really got back into the swing of things at home now especially with work which I'm still loving and also continuing on with my bootcamp.  Last month if you remember I lost 7 inches, well this month I lost another 5 which takes my total up to 12 inches!  I'm made up as I didn't think I had done very well this month seems as it was Easter (aka lots of chocolate) and I've generally been abit naughty on the food front but I was pleasantly surprised! It just shows that if you work hard, you get the results.  

I've had a lot more social outings this month as well from seeing McBusted, who were absolutely amazing! They were incredible live and performed with so much energy, I would see them all over again if I could!  I went on a family road trip to Cambridge to watch my sister play in a squash tournament, went to The Bierkeller for a friends leaving party, went to the cinema to see Noah (very odd, I don't recommend it) and had dinner and drinks with my work pals.  April has been brilliant socially for me which I've loved as I found it hard when I first arrived home from going from being completely around friends to none at all.

What do I have planned for May?

1. Bootcamp: Seems as I'm doing quite well at it now I just plan on carrying on and doing my best to get the results that I want.  This also includes the clean eating part, recently I've started to eat cleaner and have more fruit and veg and I know that its all helping so I just want to continue with this.

2. Make my Australian photo book: I recently just made my New Zealand photo book and I love it! It brings back so many happy memories and I can't wait to do my Australian book, I just know that it's gonna take a while for me to go through my gazillion photos but I will finish it this month.  

How has April been for you?


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