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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Welcome to Las Vegas - Top Activities

I've visited Las Vegas twice, once in 2001 and the last time in 2011.  I love Vegas, it's a city where you can literally do everything, want to sunbathe, shop, see and explore? Then Vegas ticks all them off for you.  

Here are my top activities for Las Vegas:

1.  Visit the Grand Canyon: You cannot visit Vegas and not go to the Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the World, it's unbelievably beautiful and so vast.  There is a Skywalk (3rd pic) that enables you to walk out over the Canyon and look down through a glass floor, very very scary but so worth it for the view and the experience!

2.  Explore the hotels: If you haven't been to Vegas then there is nothing that can prepare you for the sheer vastness of the hotels.  They all have a different theme eg. Paris, New York, Luxor (Egypt) etc etc and you are free to roam through all the hotels even though you aren't staying there, this ensures that the hotels are always hustling and bustling and have amazing atmospheres.  I could spend all day walking through all the hotels.  

3. Walk down the Strip: A simple activity but an entertaining one none the less!

 4. Seeing the dolphins at the Mirage: I am a massive dolphin fan so this was a defo must see for me when I visited Vegas, I could sit and watch the dolphins all day!  They have an assortment of other animals at the hotel as well such as white tigers,  lions etc.

5. Go up the Stratosphere: This hotel is situated at the very end of the Strip and once at the top has amazing views of Vegas!  For the adrenaline junkie folk out there, there are three rollercoaster rides at the top, two which fling you off the edge of the hotel 800ft up and one that shoots you up into the air - amazing! You can also bungee off the tower as well! If these rides aren'r for you then just enjoy the 360 degree views.

6. Watch the Bellagio fountains: These fountains are so beautiful and run every half hour and are a must see.  I watched them numerous times and could not get enough of them.  My favourite viewing spot is from the Eiffel Tower in Paris Hotel and especially at night, the views of the Strip with the fountains is just incredible.

I would love to visit Vegas again and especially now that I'm over 21 so I would be able to experience the nightlife and be able to have a go in the Casinos! 

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Have you ever been to Vegas? What are your top activities?


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