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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Haul ft. Topshop, River Island, Forever 21 & Nars

Eventually I got paid from work so thought it was time I went shopping as my wardrobe was lacking some spring wear and I was in desperate need of some shoes seems as I've had 3 pairs break in the past month.  Yes shopping was very much needed and boy did I go shopping! Heres what I treated myself to...

I attend exercise classes numerous times a week so am always wearing gym kit.  I needed a new pair of pants and I usually wear Nike but the ones I tried on were very see-through and no one wants to see that when I squat!  I was having a mooch in Forever 21 and found their active wear section and they had some lovely pieces and very affordable! I picked up two pairs of pants, 2 matching tops and a bra (one bra is from M&S), I can't wait to wear them! Is it just me or does wearing cute gym wear make you more motivated?

My wardrobe is very monochrome and I'm always on the lookout for colourful items to brighten up my wardrobe so I just picked up a few items to spruce up my wardrobe.  Firstly I know this skirt from Forever 21 is black and white but it is so cute and was so cheap so I couldn't leave it behind.  I finally got round to trying on the Topshop Joni Jeans and I love them! I love the blue gingham print of these, perfect for updating my wardrobe into Spring/Summer.  The Joni jeans are the perfect fit especially as they are high waisted, I think I might be tempted buy another pair soon (but not black!) I also picked up this chiffon top from Topshop which is a lovely summery lilac colour which I can't wait to wear with the gingham jeans.

As I mentioned before, 3 pairs of shoes have broken in the past month so I was on the hunt for some new ones.  I've been lacking a pair of neutral sandals and since I bought the gingham jeans I needed a pair of shoes that would go with them as black is just too dark.  Walk into River Island and I find these white beauties.  I guess they fall under the "ugly shoe" category but I absolutely love them and can see me wearing them all through summer.  I wear a lot of black and these Topshop cut out boots are just perfect, exactly what I need to wear to work etc.

Finally finally finally I caved and bought Nars Laguna Bronzer! I've been needing a new bronzer for a while now and have been contemplating ones from Bourjois and L'Oreal but seems as I was treating myself I thought why not?! I'm yet to try it but look out for a blog post soon!

Slightly random last one but this moustache is just adorable and looks very cute on my shelf!

What do you think of my purchases?



  1. Those white shoes are gorgeous! Great haul! xoxo

    1. So cute aren't they! Thanks lovelyyyy :) xx

  2. Some great buys! I love the spotty skirt so cute!

  3. Thanks lovely! Very cute right? xx


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