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Friday, May 02, 2014

All Sorts Love

I've fallen in love with a pair of boots.  These Topshop All Sorts boots are an absolute dream! They are so unbelievably comfortable (I can work in them all day), are just the right height and just fit so perfectly into my wardrobe, I've worn them with jeans, disco pants, skirts and dresses.  I've had these boots for nearly 3 weeks now and unfortunately the soles have started to split which I'm absolutely devastated about and we know longer stock them in our store so I can't exchange them.  I knew that we had had lots of refunds of these boots in my store and all with the same problem so I knew that it could potentially happen to me but I just wish that it hadn't happened so soon, absolutely gutted as I love them so much.  I'm now on the lookout for a more long lasting dupe, if anyone has seen any then please send links my way, would be very much appreciated!



  1. Wowee, these boots are gorgeous!


    1. They totally are aren't they! Thanks lovely xx


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