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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

What Happened in March?

March was a good month for me, having just returned from travelling, it was all about me settling back in to normal life again, which to be honest happened rather quickly! It didn't take me long to get used to my bed and having my own space again, was lovely in fact.

This month saw me start a bootcamp routine and clean eating plan which I have mentioned before, I throughly enjoyed all the exercise and although it was hard at the start I've now got into the flow of it and am enjoying it so much that I've signed up for 6 months! The clean eating started so well but then it slipped slightly and I ended up having the odd chocolate here, some pasta there and copious amounts of coffee, oops! I had my weigh-in on Saturday and although I didn't lose any weight, I lost 7 inches off my body and turned 3 lbs of fat into lean muscle so I was made up!

I also got a job this month! It's back at faithful Topshop (different store to before though) so I'm very happy as I know exactly what to do and everyone who I work with is lovely!

One of the most exciting things that happened this month was that I attended my first every blogger event! FABB Liverpool was a great first event and I loved meeting other NW bloggers! Read my full post about the event here.

All in all March has been a very good month and I hope April is going to be the same!

What do I have planned for April?

1. Carrying on with bootcamp: Bootcamp sessions are carrying on and I'm going to try and give the clean eating another proper go, if you have any recipes please send them my way!

2. MCBUSTED: Yes I am reliving my teenage years and off to see McBusted! I was a hardcore Busted fan and have always always been a McFly fan so I know it's going to be amazing to see them together on stage, going to be a major fan girl moment!

How has March been for you?


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