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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lifestyle: Weekend in Cambridge

Last weekend we embarked on a family roadtrip to Cambridge to watch my sister play in the British U23's Squash Championships.  We used to play in lots of squash tournaments when I was younger but I haven't been to one in a while so I was very excited! My sister played very well in her matches and came an amazing 5th in the tournament! It was great to see familiar faces who I used to play against and it actually made me want to get back on court for a hit!

The club where the tournament was held was just outside Cambridge in a small village called Hemmingford Grey and it was unbelievably pretty! My mum and I decided to go for a wander down to the river where we found the cutest houses and gardens.  Sometimes I think it would be lovely and so peaceful to live in a small village instead of a city but then I think to myself, where is the closest Topshop or M&S food? My life would be ruined!

We stayed at the Marriott in Huntingdon during our visit and whilst it was a lovely hotel with large, clean bedrooms, tasty food in the restaurant and a leisure centre including swimming pool, the service that we received was not great.  I hate to be negative on this blog but I'm just going to be honest.  The receptionist was very frosty and demanding when we arrived, then the waitress was rude and insulted my mum and then another receptionist was rude to us and I'm 99% sure that he prank called us at 1am, no word of a lie!! Aside from that our stay was lovely, they just need to teach their staff some manners!

Photos of hotel taken from their website.



  1. These pictures are beautiful. What camera do you own? Honestly, that swan was breathtaking. I would actually call the management of that hotel and report the problems you've had with the staff. I'm not one to let that kind of thing go because there is no need for it. Otherwise, it sounds like you had a wonderful time :-)
    Bright and Shiny

    1. Thank you lovely! I use a Canon 600D :)
      Yeahh we were thinking about doing that because the service really was disgustinggg! xx

  2. what a beautiful place, such a shame about the staff! hope it didnt ruin your time away! xx

    1. Thankfully it didn't, we still had a lovely weekend! xx


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