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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Lifestyle: Fall Out Boy Gig


A couple of weeks ago I went to see Fall Out Boy perform at Manchester after my sister bought me a ticket for my birthday! Fall Out Boy have always been a firm favourite of mine and I have seen them perform countless times and they are always incredible and this time was no different! They launched through songs from their new album 'The Phoenix" and "Young Volcanoes" as well as classic songs such as "Dance Dance" and "Sugar We're Going Down."  At the very start, they blew the sound system so Patrick brought out his acoustic guitar and started to play but obviously only the crowds at the front could hear him, amazing stuff! Luckily my sister and I managed to squeeze our way to the front so we got the most amazing view and I made sure that we were right in front of Pete Wentz, what a babe he is! I can't remember how many times I have seen Fall Out Boy now but they just keep getting better and better and are truly amazing performers!

Have you seen Fall Out Boy perform?

ps. Sorry about the photo quality, they were taken on my iPhone!


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