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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Wardrobe Update feat. Topshop, New Look and M&S

So after living with the same clothes for over a year whilst travelling and completing a massive spring clean of my wardrobe it was time for a few updates.  It's still quite chilly here in the UK (and especially for me coming back from heat!) so these jumpers from Marks and Spencer are perfect.  I know Marks and Spencer is associated with an older audience but they do have some lovely pieces and I always find little gems like this orange ribbed cropped jumper.  The dress is from Topshop and fits so well, the black panels down the side are so slimming.  The black and white checkered top is from New Look, I have a love/hate relationship with New Look but when I was wandering through there were so many lovely items that I could have picked up but I just decided on this top.  It's a long boxy crop top and the sleeves are longer as well which I really like and I think it will look perfect with these new Topshop pants.  You can't really see on the picture but the pants have a diamond tile print, are velvet material and  have a zip up the side.  I wear my American Apparel disco pants an awful lot but sometimes I find them slightly dressy for during the day so these a lovely alternative.

What do you think of my choices?
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