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Monday, March 03, 2014

Little Things I Missed Whilst Travelling

I originally posted this on my travel blog but thought I would post it in here as well so you can all have a read.

Whenever you go travelling you will obviously miss certain aspects of your life back home; your family, friends, routine etc but since you're enjoying yourself so much you tend to get over it very quickly (well I did anyway, sounds harsh but it's true!) But you tend to miss the little things in life as well and it didn't hit me how much I had missed them until I came home:

My Car: Omgosh the freedom of having my car back! I no longer have to rely on public transport or my own two feet to get me anyway, I can just drive and it feels amazing!

My Wardrobe: I love clothes and keeping up with the latest fashion so for me living out of a suitcase for a year is not ideal, at first I found it very hard wearing exactly the same clothes all day and everyday  but then like everything I got used to it.  But it's only since coming home and I've re-kindled my love for my disco pants and my bowler hat that I realised how much I love dressing up.

My Make-up: Whilst travelling I hardly wore any make-up, unless I was off to work or on a night out, why ever else would I need to wear it? My skin was in good condition and was tanned so why did I need to cover it up? But again, like my wardrobe, I've loved putting on a abit of slap and it makes me feel better, also why is it exceptable to walk round on holiday with no make-up on but as soon as you do it in UK everyone gives you weird looks?

My Own Bed: After 14 months I was getting fed up of sleeping in dorm rooms and always having a snorer in the room so sleeping in my own bed was just lovely! I'd forgotten what it felt like to sleep with a thick duvet, two pillows and having lots of space, just amazing.

Laptop: I really regretted taking my laptop with me, although I had my iPad mini which I absolutely love and was a dream to travel with because it's so small and light, there is only so much that you can do on it so as soon as I came home I was very happy to be re-united with my laptop.

TV/DVD: I'm a massive film/tv series geek so not having the chance to watch a lot whilst I was travelling pretty much killed me so it's good to be home to just chill out in front of the tv and re-watch Lord of the Rings (blame New Zealand for that one!).

Although I missed all these products, I realised that they are quite materialistic and that I don't need them with me at all times to enjoy my life.  I know that I can survive with just a suitcase worth of clothes, limited make-up and without my car.  Travelling made me realise that I don't need to rely on the materialistic side of things because at the end of the day I'm happy enough without them but for the time being, I'm quite enjoying having them back in my life.


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