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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Hair Inspiration

Whilst travelling I never visited a hairdresser, yep for 14 months I did not get my hair cut or dyed and it never bothered me because my hair is in great condition and my ombre style just faded out so my hair never looked bad.  But now that I've come back home I think that my hair needs a bit of a refresh.  So naturally I started trawling Pinterest for hair inspiration.

My hair at the moment is my natural colour (mid brown - bottom right photo) and with blonde tips where my ombre has faded out, I don't really want to keep the ombre as I've had it for years now ever since it become popular.  Since travelling my hair has lightened due to the sun so I was thinking about getting subtle highlights to brighten it even more (bottom right/ bottom left).

Style wise, I have waited years for my hair to grow past the awkward mid length stage (even though it's ever so blogger popular right now) so want to keep the length but I like the messy layers of the top right photo.

Which style/hair colour do you like best?

All photographs from pinterest.


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