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Friday, March 14, 2014

Every Cloud

Since coming home from travelling all I seem to be doing is applying for jobs and graduate schemes etc and not only is it really tedious and long winded, but it's also very depressing as I'm not getting any feedback, also due to the fact that I am incredibly impatient but still.  I started to feel that I had made a mistake in coming home, after all I had a job and friends in Sydney and I've come home to none of these.  So after having a really really off day yesterday where I was actually starting to get quite down about it all and wondering what could possibly be wrong with me for no one to hire me when it all turned around, I got the phone call that I had been wishing for all week, I had finally gotten a job! I've never been so happy to get a job and I know it's only a starting point but it means that I'm finally getting back onto my feet after returning home and that everything is going back to normal.  It just goes to show that every cloud has a silver lining.




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