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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Yesterday was a good and a bad day.  It was my last day of working at Topshop, after 3 an a half years  it's all over.  My work friends gave me a giant cookie with 'G'day Mate' and an Australian flag written on it in icing - AMAZING! Although I'm happy that I'm leaving to try new things, it was really sad to leave my job and my work friends.  Yesterday was also my leaving party with close friends and family.  It was lovely and so many friends turned up that I wasn't expecting to see, especially my best friend Sarah (far right on the photo).  She lives down in London for University and so wasn't able to make it up but as the most amazing surprise she turned up! I was so happy I burst into tears haa.  I had a lovely evening catching up with friends and saying my goodbyes, it was hard though, I guess it's finally hit me that I'm leaving.  I just need to think that it's going to be an amazing experience for me and a once in a lifetime opportunity and so I need to make the most of it and not worry about leaving the people back home as I know they will be okay.

I've feeling quite ill today, really bad stomach ache and generally feeling quite blue.  I think I've worked myself up so much that I've personally made myself ill, I always seem to do this, did it when my University results came out and at graduation too.  Fingers crossed I feel better tomorrow though.

Also got my fingers crossed that when I wake up tomorrow morning the ground isn't completely covered in snow.  Don't get me wrong I love snow, I love making snowmen and and having snowball fights but I hate the way that the whole country comes to a standstill because we can't cope with the weather.  Heres praying that it doesn't stick so I can get down to London and my flight leaves on time and then I will be in glorious sun!

What have you all been up to this weekend? Do you have snow?


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