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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Here at Last

So after a long couple of days I've finally made it to Sydney! I've never been so happy to get off a plane and get away from airplane food, will not be having that for a while I'm telling ya!! The intended plan was that we would leave London Heathrow at 10:50am but the weather had different ideas, yep that's when London turned into a Winter Wonderland and so we were stuck on the runway for 5 hours.  Standstill on the runway with nothing to do, they didn't even turn on the TV's so we couldn't watch a film or anything.  It surprisingly went quite quickly though as I was with my new travelling buddies so it eased it a little bit and we were able to get to know each other.  
Seems as our flight was delayed that meant that we had missed our connection in Kuala Lumpar but when we arrived in KL, the airline had already sorted out a new flight for us and had arranged for us to go to a hotel in the mean time. I was expecting some crummy little hotel at the airport but no they put us up in 5* Marriott! We each had our own double bed rooms, with balcony and gave us free food, it was amazing! Was just what I needed to freshen up and let myself have a little sleep as I'm awful at sleeping on planes (isn't everyone?) 
The flight to Sydney wasn't bad at all, it went quite quickly but all I wanted to do was get there.  It was the most amazing feeling when I actually saw the Sydney Harbour bridge and the Opera House for the first time! My first day here has been quite chilled really, I checked into our hostel but found out that for my first night I wouldn't be sharing with my friends. I would be sharing with strangers?! Doesn't sound so bad but when everyone else knows each other and you don't,it gets kind of awkward! I was just chilling on my bed before (its nearly 7pm here - I'm knackered) but I just felt so awkward that I had to come downstairs.  At least it's only for the one night as tomorrow I'm in a different room sharing with my friends off OzIntro which will be more much relaxed and more sociable.  
Tomorrow is my first proper day of OzIntro and we've got a day of city orientation and then some jet boating around the harbour planned, really looking forward to it! The weather today hasn't been that great, it's warm but not sunny so fingers crossed the sun comes out tomorrow, I want/need to get a tan, Australians are soooo tanned, I literally look like a ghost and my oh my are there some beautiful people here haa! 
I can't figure out how to get pictures onto m blog via my ipad yet so bare with me but some of my photos that I've taken are ether on my twitter, Instagram or tumblr.

Until next time! 



  1. I can't believe that they made you stay on the runway for 5 hours I would have been so bored and annoyed, especially before such a long flight! Glad you got there safe though and sounds like you are at the beginning of an amazing adventure. I found it really surreal when I first got to Sydney but its such a great city you will have loads of fun! xxx

  2. 5 hours?! Oh that sounds so frustrating. I think you deserved the 5* hotel and although you had to wait for such a long time, it sounds like it was definitely a little bit worth the wait for the FREE FOOD! I'd love to go to Sydney.. It's on my 'Bucket List'. Hope you have a lovely time!

    Love Daniela (new fan) -

    P.s. I'm doing a jewellery giveaway on my blog, which ends today if you'd like to take part...


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