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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Yes that's right, I'm on the one week countdown to Australia! It's my last week of work with it being my last ever shift on Saturday.  Although I love my job, I am very very excited to leave it and try something new.  I've worked in retail for the past three and a half years and like to think that I'm quite good at what I do but I want to try something different and when I get to Australia I'm open to any kind of work (well obv not any kind, not gonna be like a hooker or anything).

Now that I'm one week away, I really need to start packing and getting all my last minute bits sorted.  I'm starting to really panic that not all my clothes etc are going to fit in my rucksack, I guess I just need to be really sensible with what I pack and just pack the necessities and what I think I'm really likely to wear/use.  If anyone has ever done any travelling and can give any advice on what to pack/what not to pack that would be greatly appreciated! Everything is slowly getting finalised, I only sorted out my travel insurance last night (I'm never usually this last minute but I was really struggling to find a decent one), my Australian bank account is all set up and I have my mobile number ready for when I get there.

It's all becoming so real now, one week and I will be loving life in the glorious sun, drinking on the beach and meeting lots of new people.  I'm hoping it will be the time of my life and I plan on making the most of it!

This is also my 100th post, yeyy! Heres hoping to the next 100 whilst im in the land down under :)



  1. I love how prepared you are, I sorted my bank a/c/phone number while over there!

    Oz is a great country, everyone is super friendly and it's a nice chilled atmosphere. Where are you heading/planning to live? I lived/worked in Sydney in...Retail! Retail is MUCH easier over there, you get paid a lot more and it's super relaxed. Clothing isn't that cheap in Oz (unless you order from ASOS), I'd suggest packing lots of vests, dresses and shorts!

    Have fun :)


    1. The company who I'm going with have sorted it all out for me, I like to be prepared and organised anyway haha I'm heading to Sydney first an then seeing where I end up, did you like Sydney? Where did you work? Yeahh I've heard it isn't cheap, I've packed so much stuff haha but yeah lots of shorts/tops/dresses and bikinis haha did you take any heels? how long did you stay for? sorry it's like 20 questions haha!



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