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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

White Christmas

 Last night I went to The Lowry theatre in Salford to watch White Christmas!  It's my ultimate Christmas film so I was extremely excited about seeing it.  It was a star-studded cast with Clare Sweeney, Wendi Peters (from Coronation Street) and some guy from Dallas (can't remember his name).  The costumes were fab, the dancing was incredible especially the tap dancing (has always been my favourite) and at the end, snow fell from the ceiling, obv not real snow but still it looked really cool! I really want it to snow this Winter now, but just not when I have to drive to work, hate driving in the snow.

Before we went to the theatre we went for a lovely meal in Pizza Express.  They have an amazing discount on at the moment, where if you buy one meal then you get your second meal for £2.50! Absolute bargain! Here is the link for the voucher :)

Today is my day off from work so I'm just chilling and watching films I think, I might even watch White Christmas haa or download The Dark Knight Rises as I STILL HAVE NOT SEEN IT! It's criminal I know.

Hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday :)



  1. This all sounds so lovely, I'm glad you had a good time! Just started following you. xx

    1. Yeahh it was awesome, thanks so much lovely! Checking out your blog now :) xx


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